Impact Cities Summit 2023

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The HUB Cities Awards recognizes innovations that are bringing the very best new innovations to the smart city, and enabling transformations in 3 key categories:
  • Mobility 
  • Infrastructure & City Management 
  • City governance & Utilities  
To meet these challenges, the ability to innovate is as important as ever, and there is a need for unconventional collaborations between established companies and emerging tech organizations and Smart City leaders. 

Entrants to the HUB Cities Awards have the potential to make a profound impact on the modern world. Entries can only be submitted to one of the three categories. The applications are reviewed by a jury of experts and the awards will be presented on stage at the HUB Cities Impact Forum.


Aucun jury

2 key criteria to be able to submit an application

  • All types of innovations that have generated a positive impact in one of the 3 categories

  • Be able to measure the value generated by the innovation(s)




Context & problematic, public concerned, description of the device
PDF file of up to 5 pages
Increase in sales, traffic, visibility / brand awareness
ZIP file of 100Mb maximum
The video should be synthetic in order to simplify the understanding and the deliberation for the jury (1min30 - 2min maximum)