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Métropole du Grand Paris


La Métropole du Grand Paris is an intermunicipality, based on the dense urban area, which includes 131 municipalities. Created by the law of January 27, 2014 on the modernization of territorial public action and the affirmation of metropolises, and reinforced by the law of August 7, 2015 on the new territorial organization of the republic, it came into being on January 1, 2016. As Europe's leading employment hub and office park, Métropole du Grand Paris is a major vector of global growth. It must take up the challenge of economic, social and cultural development, environmental protection and international attractiveness. A challenge that relies on employment and investment, but also on innovation and digital technology, powerful drivers of transformation of society and the economy. To meet this challenge, the Metropolis notably set up the Metropolitan Fund for Digital Innovation (FMIN) in September 2018. In addition to this financial support, the bearers of these projects have also had access to a community of innovators, led by Métropole du Grand Paris as part of the Digital Explorers and Builders programs. In order to amplify the impact of these programs and to allow more innovative projects to emerge, the Metropolis recently decided to develop its support services and launched the "Innover dans la Ville" program. The aim of this program is to support the major transitions in the dense urban area to improve the quality of life by combining innovation, experimentation and support for the replication of projects in willing metropolitan municipalities.


[VivaTech 2022] Retour sur l’inauguration du stand de la Métropole du Grand Paris à Viva Tech
Innover dans la ville

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