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Hove puts data in motion, and works for inclusive, shared and sustainable mobility - in support of the ecological transition. in support of the ecological transition. Hove designs digital products and tools to : - Define transport offers that correspond to the real needs of travellers. - Disseminate to the greatest number of people, in real time and in predictive mode, all the information on the offers mobility offers - Measure and improve the operational quality of mobility services. Patterns allows to understand mobility in a territory, to evaluate modal shares, to measure or provide a load index. Patterns can thus contribute to defining Patterns can thus contribute to defining transport offers that correspond to real mobility needs by providing keys to understanding understanding of behaviour. In concrete terms, Patterns uses numerous sources of data, including sources of data, including those from operating assistance systems, GPS tracks, and even Wifi tracks. Thanks to this data, the Patterns platform makes it possible to visualise, analyse and better understand all forms of mobility in a given area: public transport, cars, soft mobility, self mobility, self-service, carpooling. In Ile-de-France, for example, we have been using an anonymous panel of of 700,000 people, which allows us, among other things, to reconstitute origin-destination matrices, to measure modal shares and to destination matrices, to measure modal shares or to evaluate the area of attractiveness of a station or a station. Patterns - du sens à la mobilité ( > Découvrez « La mobilité à la trace », un observatoire en libre accès des mobilités Française << La suite Navitia permet quant à elle de gérer, d’enrichir et de diffuser de l’information aux voyageurs. Elle est composée de plusieurs outils pour agréger, éditer, enrichir, injecter ou exporter des données de mobilité. Pour créer, planifier, contourner, diffuser des perturbations. To calculate multimodal and intermodal itineraries in real time, display schedules and next in real time. Navitia also offers travellers the possibility of tracking their carbon footprint or their caloric expenditure. Used by the SNCF, Ile-de-France Mobilités and many AOM or Keolis networks, it is also available for other companies. Keolis elle est aussi disponible pour d’autres acteurs en mode open source via  Page d'accueil - Navitia En France comme à l'international nous accompagnons des projets audacieux en permanence. Pour des collectivités et institutions, des opérateurs ou des entreprises numériques. We are 110 experts in mobility data: data scientists, product owners, developers, devOps, planners and project managers.

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Keolis lance HOVE, nouvelle entité experte des données de mobilité

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