Impact Cities Summit 2023

Fédération des Ascenseurs

The Fédération des Ascenseurs is the professional organisation representing the lift in France. It represents 90% of the sector and brings together 182 companies made up of SMEs and major groups throughout the country. Representing sales of €2.65 billion by 2022, it has 17 000 employees in France, 70% of whom are directly involved in installing, modernising and maintenance of lifts. The profession covers the entire from upstream studies to on-site maintenance. Our federation is committed to 4 principles to promote better shared mobility, and has made this one of its priorities in its actions: 1 - Promoting and facilitating accessibility 2 - Contribute to good living together 3 - Innovating and making facilities energy-efficient 4 - Listening to users' needs

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Follow this technician duo to find out how to become an elevator operator.