Impact Cities Summit 2023

Rubicon Technologies Inc.

Rubicon is a digital platform providing comprehensive waste management, recycling and Smart City technology solutions. Today, more than ever, citizens, municipalities, but also companies, their employees and customers are increasingly interested in what happens to their waste, especially the part that is recycled and re-injected into the economy. Renaud de Viel Castel, COO of Rubicon Technologies Inc (NYSE: RBT), will present the challenge of waste traceability and recycling by introducing technology-based solutions. Prior to joining Rubicon, Renaud held a number of senior positions at Veolia North America. In 2020, Renaud was appointed Senior Commercial Advisor for France by the French Prime Minister. At the heart of his message is the idea that circular solutions and sustainable waste management start with data. To build a truly transparent and traceable system, we must first understand what our waste is made up of, where it is collected and where it is treated. Rubicon, a leading provider of software products for waste management, recycling and fleet operations, is at the forefront of this data-driven revolution. Their innovative technologies have the power to transform the entire waste ecosystem. One of the most intriguing aspects that Renaud will be exploring is the untapped potential of data.