Sustainable Cities Summit

Association des maires de France et des présidents d'intercommunalité


A force for proposals and representation Founded in 1907 and recognized as a public utility in 1933, the AMF stands by mayors and presidents of inter-municipal organizations, respecting the values and principles that have prevailed since its creation: defense of local liberties, concrete and permanent support for elected officials in their day-to-day management, and a loyal but demanding partnership with the State to better protect the interests of local governments and their groupings. Nearly 35,000 mayors and presidents of EPCIs are now members. A strong legitimacy The history of the AMF is that of the defense of local liberties. The association is constantly working to ensure that decentralization guarantees municipalities real autonomy in the management of local affairs and is strongly involved in ensuring that mayors have sufficient legal and financial resources to carry out their missions. Because of the diversity of its representatives and the quality of its services, the AMF is recognized as a force for proposals, with a real capacity to maintain a permanent dialogue with the public authorities. As a force for proposals and representation, the AMF acts as a privileged interlocutor of public authorities, very early on in projects, wherever the future of municipalities and their groupings and the conditions for their development are at stake. As part of their advisory and decision-making activities, the AMF's departments continuously monitor legislative and regulatory developments for local authorities. They conduct in-depth expertise work that enables them to provide personalized advice to mayors and community presidents.

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