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YEGO, the mobility partner of communities and city dwellers, is a self-service 100% electric scooter service, designed and assembled in France. YEGO develops its technology in-house, in the service of user safety and respect for public space, and all its operations are managed by local teams, who ensure the good condition and accessibility of the vehicles. Founded in 2016, YEGO now has over 500,000 users in 7 European cities, including Bordeaux, Paris and Toulouse. The company was recognized as a Mission Company in 2022, and aims to offer citizens clean, sustainable and accessible modes of transport that complement other forms of mobility, in line with the development of the territories and in partnership with local authorities.


YEGO, les scooters citoyens en libre service
Formations 2 roues proposées par YEGO
Recyclage des batteries avec Virvolt

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