Impact Cities Summit 2023

Michelin Mobility Intelligence

Leveraging data for Safer, Better and Greener roads. At Michelin Mobility Intelligence,  we are convinced that technology and data can contribute to making mobility safer, more respectful of the environment and more accessible. With more than one billion kilometers analyzed and more than forty million drivers connected in the United States and Europe, we are a leading player in the emerging field of mobility and driving behavior data analysis. With our SaferRoads suite of services, we are providing innovative services to identify and assess risky road areas, based on atypical or abnormal driving behavior. We help road managers and experts locate and qualify risks, prioritize actions and projects on their infrastructures and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions: for a concrete preventive approach toward safer mobility. Discover our services on the Michelin Mobility Data platform, by clicking the website icon of this detail page.

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